Big Kahuna Imperial IPA®

As everybody knows, Big Kahuna means big shot or important person. Yet Kahuna has a long and noble lineage. In ancient Hawaiian culture, the Kahuna held a central place of mystical importance, meaning high priest, wizard or expert. In modern times the Big Kahuna was the best surfer on the beach, embodied by the famous Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku. At Spearhead, Big Kahuna means a giant sized imperial IPA that will rock your soul. Like its little brother Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, Big Kahuna Imperial IPA® is brewed with pure pineapple juice. At 100 IBUs, this double dry-hopped ale explodes with Warrior, Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops. It is unfiltered with a delicate carbonation and complex flavour and bouquet. Big Kahuna has a big, bold character reflective of its namesake and refreshingly floral, tropical finish.

Big Kahuna Pairings

Food Pairings

Big Kahuna's complex character makes it an ideal pairing with spicy Indian and South-East Asian dishes, hearty pub fare, rich, creamy cheeses and decadent desserts. On its own it is big, bold and satisfying.


Strength: 2 spears10.0% ABV 
1.092 OG
22 °P
100 IBU
20 SRM


Serving Suggestion

Spearhead Tulip GlassBig Kahuna Imperial IPA should be served cool (5–10°C) from a stemmed tulip glass.

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