Jamaican Fire

Smile you're in Jamaica!

This unique dark ale is brewed with coffee, mango and Scotch Bonnet peppers. With a distinct roast coffee character balanced by hints of pepper flavour and tropical fruit and featuring a signature lingering subtle heat, Jamaican Fire is sure to bring out your inner natty dread.

Jamaican Fire Pairings

Food Pairings

Jamaican Fire's complex roasty yet spicy character makes it a wonderful pairing with both heavier dishes and pub fare as well as Caribbean and West Indian dishes such as jerk chicken or pork, roties and curries. Actually all you need is some rice and beans. Jamaican Fire will compliment aged cheddar, smoked gouda or gorganzola. It is also an ideal accompaniment to vanilla or mango ice cream, fried banana or anything rich and chocolatey.


Strength: 2 spears6.5% ABV 
1.061 OG 
15 °P
35 IBU
40 SRM


Serving Suggestion

Spearhead Tulip Glass

Jamaican Fire should be served cool (5–10°C) from a tulip style glass.

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