Moroccan Brown Ale®

Rock the Casbah!

Full-flavoured American brown ale
with a Moroccan accent.

Inspired by the flavours of the Maghreb region of North-West Africa, this unique brown ale is made with dates, figs, raisins and a dash of cinnamon. It is unfiltered and naturally carbonated and has all the complex flavour and bouquet of a fine red wine with notes of plum, brown sugar and dried fruit.

  • "Like belly dancers in your mouth!"
    —Baker Street Station, Guelph Ontario
  • "Pour it again, Sam!"
  • Dublin Craft Beer Cup

    SILVER! Canadian Brewing Awards 2015 Category Brown Ale for Moroccan Brown Ale

  • Dublin Craft Beer Cup

    Silver medal, Dublin Craft Beer Cup 2014, 2015, 2016

  • royal winter fair

Gold medal, Craft Beer Awards, 2015

Moroccan Brown Ale

MBA PairingsFood Pairings

Moroccan Brown Ale's complex character and nuances of flavour make it an ideal accompaniment to grilled or roasted meats, sharp cheeses and decadent desserts. On its own it is pure deliciousness.


Strength: 2 spears6.0% ABV  
1.061 OG 
15 °P
35 IBU  
50 SRM


  • Malts
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • Other ingredients

Serving Suggestion

Spearhead Tulip GlassMoroccan Brown Ale should be served cool (5–10°C) from a tulip style glass.

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